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“My cardiologist was so impressed with my results. By following Dr. Dunaief ’s advice, I’ve been able to stop all three of my blood pressure medications. My heart palpitations, which were limiting my activities, have dramatically reduced in frequency, my energy levels have increased and I have lost 15 pounds in two months.”

~ Nurse, age 62


Retrospective Study: Type 2 Diabetes with a High Nutrient Density (HND) Diet 

Working in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Dunaief was the lead author for a study evaluating the potential efficacy of a HND (high nutrient density) diet with type 2 diabetes.  

The study was a small retrospective case series involving 13 patients, who were required to be 90% compliant with the diet.  

Even though it was limited in size, the results were encouraging and reached statistical significance.  62% of the participants reached non-diabetic levels (HbA1C of less than 6.0%) during the study period.  There was a mean decrease in HbA1C of 2.35%.  In addition, participants experienced a reduction in the mean number of overall drugs from 4 to 1.  Blood pressure also dropped substantially, from a mean of 148/87 mmHg to 121/74 mmHg, and triglycerides were reduced to normal levels.  Participants’ BMIs were also reduced significantly. 

Dr. Dunaief presented the results of this study at the International Academy of Nutrition and Aging’s 2010 conference, sponsored by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.  Participants in the program received CME (continuing medical education) credits.

The study’s abstract was published in the June/July issue of the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging.  The paper is currently under review for complete publication.


Pending Retrospective Study: Migraine Treatment with a High Nutrient Density (HND) Diet

This study is a retrospective case series to examine the effects of the HND (high nutrient density) diet on participants with migraines.  This is an efficacy study that is awaiting funding.  Dr. Dunaief was responsible for designing this study.  Participants will be interviewed using a questionnaire that was developed by David Dunaief, M.D. in coordination with Joel Fuhrman, M.D., and reviewed by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and a neurologist at the University of Maryland/Mercy Medical Center.  Both of these medical centers will be involved in the study.